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Why I Decided to Use Wattpad

For those who aren't aware, Wattpad is a website/app or as Wikipedia describes it, 'a community of readers and writers' who write and read user-generated stories It was first created in 2007, and has since as a platform gained over 65 million users. That's absolutely crazy, right?! Personally, I first...

Mini-Reviews (#2)

Whisper by Lynette Noni 4.5 Stars Does anyone else get the feeling that dystopian YA novels are coming back into fashion? As my re-entry to this genre, I can say this novel was exactly what I needed. Ngl, there were a LOT of tropes in ‘Whisper’, but they weren’t anything that really bothered...

GIANT classic-YA TBR

As someone at the older-end of the teenage scale, I've had some time to reflect on some of the older YA books that I remember seeing on the library shelves, bookstores and in the media when I was 12 (And some a little afterwards too!) I thought it'd be interesting...

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