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Favourite Children’s Audiobooks

As someone who loves stories, Audiobooks are just another way that I keep them running through my brain. I basically live in my own little world all day, I zone out ALL the time, and any chance I get I'm reading, watching movies/shows and listening to books Ever since I...

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Lack of Fashion Diversity in YA

Have you ever wondered why there is such a lack of fashion diversity in YA? I have. As teens, young adults, adolescents, etc., we are always looking for ways to express ourselves, and one of the major ways we do this is in the way we dress and present ourselves to our...

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Otaku’s Guide to Being a Thrifty Book-Buyer

As someone who loves books more than actual people (telling the real truths here), I see book-buying as an acquired skill. There are certain skills needed to become a thrifty book-buyer, and I am here to tell you some of my tips and tricks that I use myself. And to me,...

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TV Shows Watched So Far in 2018

For me, reading and TV shows come hand-in-hand, so the fact that this list is relatively long shouldn't be of any surprise! I am in the middle of a whole bunch of TV shows right now, but in this list I am only included shows that I have completed at least...

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