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June/July Eager-Beaver TBR

Because my April/May TBR was such a success, I thought I'd give it another go! Admittedly this time I will have more free time to read seeing as how after the 13th of June, it is my official hols!! I'm so excited already which is a little bit problematic considering I...

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April/May Wrap-Up (And a look at those months as a whole)

Back in April I made an April/May TBR here on InsideaDog: I wanted to reflect on that as a TBR and also talk about what I ACTUALLY read for those two months. Originally I set 20 novels as my target for 2 months, which isn't particularly high but isn't exceptionally...

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Mini-Reviews (#2)

Whisper by Lynette Noni 4.5 Stars Does anyone else get the feeling that dystopian YA novels are coming back into fashion? As my re-entry to this genre, I can say this novel was exactly what I needed. Ngl, there were a LOT of tropes in ‘Whisper’, but they weren’t anything that really bothered...