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Posts on this site tagged with 10/10

NEWS: The Rosie Project Conclusion!

This is going to be a super short post, but I HAD to let you guys know that TODAY Text publishing posted about the conclusion to The Rosie Project series by Graeme Simsion. It's not YA fiction (OI, that doesn't mean you should leave!), but it's absolutely brilliant and is one...

My TOP Contemporary Authors (AKA Recommendations!)

I was trying to figure out what sort of post I wanted to write, and at first I was like, hmmm, what if I did an 'auto-buy' or 'auto-read' list, but then realised that that would be the exact same thing as just talking about some of my top-of-the-top favourite...

TV Shows Watched So Far in 2018

For me, reading and TV shows come hand-in-hand, so the fact that this list is relatively long shouldn't be of any surprise! I am in the middle of a whole bunch of TV shows right now, but in this list I am only included shows that I have completed at least...

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April/May Wrap-Up (And a look at those months as a whole)

Back in April I made an April/May TBR here on InsideaDog: I wanted to reflect on that as a TBR and also talk about what I ACTUALLY read for those two months. Originally I set 20 novels as my target for 2 months, which isn't particularly high but isn't exceptionally...

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