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[MOVIE REVIEW] Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

So, a few weeks ago I finally went to the cinema and watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I had only weeks before watched the first movie, which I can definitely say I enjoyed. HOWEVER, I did not like The Crimes of Grindlewald (TCoG).
I sat in my seat at the cinema for about 10 minutes after the movie had finished trying to gather exactly what I was feeling, because I knew that I had to write a review. Having done that, later I went and online because I was reminded of a review that had been on my Facebook update feed from a critic who couldn’t stand the movie. All the comments on that review completely disagreed with this guy, which I found to be quite bizarre. So, looking up and seeing what other people thought of the movie as well was a must. I read through a ton of critic reviews and found that almost all of them didn’t like the movie, the only notable one having enjoyed it was someone from The Washington Post who interestingly was in the higher age bracket.
Why I consider this higher age bracket to be so important in my discussion of the movie, is that the original book for Fantastic Beasts was intended for children, AKA people of up to 18 years of age. And yet, here in Australia the movie is rated M, for Mature audiences and isn’t recommended for audiences under the age of 15. In doing so, this gets rid of a really large audience. Besides the actual movie rating, my own personal experience of watching the movie was very eh. If the action scenes didn’t exist, this movie would have been lifeless. Most of the movie was just conversation. And it wasn’t the kind that most children would be interested in listening to. It felt extremely dry. This brings me to the next part of my research through online reviews on the movie – parent reviews. Parent reviews are so extremely important when you too are a parent, or you are a sibling or guardian in charge of looking after young children. It’s important to know what movies are suitable for young children, so having this specific kind of review is incredibly useful. I looked through a ridiculous amount of parent reviews and they all seemed to agree with the fact that it was in no way suitable for children. They mentioned the emphasis on dialogue, the dark subject matter as well as the general screen presentation/colour scheme which was quite dreary. It brought me back to my first experience trying to watch Blade Runner when I was a smol bean.
Whilst I understand that the OG fans of Harry Potter are all grown up now, it doesn’t change the matter that this was originally intended for children and that the younger generations who have started watching Harry Potter will want to watch this.
Anyway, putting that all aside, THE CHARACTERS.
What on Earth was going on there?
As someone whose love of books comes down to my obsession with the contemporary genre, I pride myself on finding books that have character development for days! (This is also why I can’t stand to watch ballets)
The characters were just lifeless. The only characters that developed were 2 newly introduced ones, Leta LeStrange and Albus Dumbledore. And we already know Dumbledore anyway, so it’s not like he was at the top priority list of development. There’s more to say on why those two aren’t enough for character development, but I can’t really go into that for spoilery reasons, peeps. Basically, the main cast of characters that we grew to love so much from the first movie, weren’t themselves. They seemed stunted, uninteresting, and there were definitely plot points in the story that conveniently stopped them from any growth.
Also, can we mention the fact that THIS MOVIE IS PART OF A FRANCHISE ABOUT MAGICAL BEASTS BUT THERE ACTUALLY WEREN’T THAT MANY THIS TIME? Yeah, I’m confused about that too.
Y’all this is just too crazy, I can’t.
I do however hold up hope that the next installment in this series will be good. The one thing that keeps me from stopping watching these movies is the fact that it could have literally been a ‘development movie’, which you heard my thoughts above about about some of that stuff,  so I clearly don’t see it that way – but I have hope!

I’m not normally a negative reviewer but boy, this one I really just couldn’t let go of. I totally respect anyone’s opinion, and if you love this movie, I don’t mean to discredit any thoughts you have on it! Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the movie down below in the comments with me. 🙂



Ughhhh the character development! Like - where? I had a lot of people (including myself) coming out of the cinema saying that it was a “very good setting up kind of movie”, that now you’ve got all the information you can go on to even greater movies. So let’s hope there’s even more beasties 😊

13th Dec, 18

Right? Character development is just such an important part of it all!
Yes, hoping the next one will blow my socks off - more socks for the house elves ;)

14th Dec, 18

In reply to otaku

Supporting SPEW wholeheartedly with my fingers and sockless toes crossed xx

14th Dec, 18