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Presented by State Library Victoria

Looking for a particular book? (Queer POC, Contemporary YA, Fantasy, etc.)

Earlier today I attended the Insideadog event at the State Library of Victoria for ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’ and following comments from a lot of the panelists (hey guys!) about looking for particular kinds of books I thought I’d share with you a few tips of my own.

1) Goodreads Listopia

I know y’all are probably discounting this already, but Goodreads listopia is my LIFE. I literally live on it and have used it consistently since about 2009.
What is Listopia?
Basically it’s a section on Goodreads which is user-generated where people from all around the world create a list of books that apply to a particular topic. So, whether that be Queer POC, fairytale/classic retellings, books by New Zealand authors, 2019 Contemporary YA...you can find most things that you want. Not only can users create these lists, but people vote for their favourite books or significant books so that you can choose books based off of what other readers are enjoying. There are thousands and thousands of these lists on Goodreads and over my time on the site (and beforehand!) I have probably used over 200 of them.
Lists that I have frequently used in the past have been:
Alice in Wonderland retellings
Best shoujo manga
2018 Contemporary YA
2016 YA debut authors
You can find all of these sorts of lists and more by typing in keywords in the page’s searchbar. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always create a new list to help other readers like yourself!
How to find listopia on Goodreads => On the Goodreads homepage click on the ‘Browse’ tab and then click the tab ‘Lists’. Welcome to my home :)))
Quick link to the Goodreads listopia page: https://www.goodreads.com/list

2) Hares & Hyenas

Hares & Hyenas is a popular Melbourne queer and alternative bookstore that has an AMAZING selection of books. Their store can be found in Fitzroy and I recommend checking them out: https://www.hares-hyenas.com.au/
They have a ton of Young Adult books as well as Adult Fiction, Middle-Grade and Children’s. It’s definitely worth a browse!

3) It’s Blog Season! [Enter Bugs Bunny Joke]

I know this sounds really simple, but the internet is here for you at your mercy. A quick search for keywords such as ‘Queer POC’ or ‘Non-Binary books’ will bring up a ton of results from popular blogs and websites that are worth looking through! I search up this stuff all the time and I find some absolutely amazing books that I would never have found otherwise. People all over the world are just like us, looking to find certain books and sharing their favourites!

Yes, this was just an excuse for me to share my love of Listopia with you, but TRUST ME. It is literally MY LIFE.
Let me know if this was useful for you, and share your tips in finding particular books down below in the comment section! 🙂